Here’s how to apologize: The key to knowing how to apologize?

Understanding that there’s nothing to really “master” other than being kindly (never brutally), honest.

Retain some mystery and whenever you feel the need to advertise, Yes! Dear Natasha, Thank you so much for this well thought out article.

How could someone pet you who had the capacity to kick the sh*t out of you? The proverbial puppy kicker notices that you ducked.

And whether it’s out of disconnected remorse, selfish embarrassment, seeing their own reflection, or finally being face-to-face with the pain they caused and what a beautiful thing they messed up… They go into this whole thing about how you ducking has caused them so much pain.

A call from me would have brightened her day to such an extent, I can’t write about it anymore because I’m crying my eyes out.

Every day started out with a guilt cloud over my head that was slightly diminished by, “I’ll call her tomorrow.”And then one tomorrow, I got a call from my Mom and realized that the tomorrows had run out. I created PMS to provide answers to every question I ever asked Google at my most lonely, heartbroken, confused, alone, defeated, and abandoned.

Every day, at some point in the day, I mourn the death of a close family member who is still living and breathing. I remember getting a text from this person months back.

The text actually hurt more than what this person did to cause their own death in my life – a death that is so unnatural, unnecessary, painful, and nonsensical – especially given how incredibly short life is and who we are in relation to each other. There was no acknowledgment of my pain, no mention of any kind of effect that my heart secretly hoped my absence has had, no connection, no empathy… More recently, I received an apology from someone who not only broke my heart but insulted my intelligence and trust on such an unbelievable level, it made Peter Pan look like Sigmund Freud.

The result of truly forgiving is newly ADJUSTED BOUNDARIES that are ACTED on.

Show others through your dignified actions that you RESPECT to behave the way they did by removing yourself from their dysfunctional, amateur hour drama and using it to propel you out of your own.

Years ago, one of the most kind, caring, and incredible people I have ever/will ever know passed away.

I never got to say goodbye and ignored the 2 times she called me prior to her death.

That’s great and all, but it’s actually putting the burden on you to not only look after your heart that I broke, but also be aware of broken heart because you’re rightfully ducking every time I try to pet you.