He is his own thing, and a figment of my imagination.He is a person, but I made him up.” At its peak, the Jake Gyllenhaal newsletter had only 126 subscribers.

I had the idea to write a newsletter because I was already talking about Jake Gyllenhaal on this website , and the people in charge of me had started to say “cool it.” I did not want to cool it. Two weeks in, it came to my attention that if I was going to be thorough, I would have to pay for a ticket to see him perform in the off-Broadway play during a one-weekend benefit concert reading at City Center.

I wanted to talk about my favorite actor all the time and in depth and without any particular news peg. If by “rewarding” you mean “educational” — not a different definition that would involve, for example, money or untempered joy. Luckily, it was approximately my birthday, so my parents became quiet patrons of the newsletter.

I know people who have figured out how to monetize this type of dedication, but I am not one of them.

I spent money on Amazon Video rentals, magazines, movie tickets, a one-size-fits-all men’s skeleton suit, and an IMDb Pro account, all to keep Jake Gyllenhaal at the front of my mind and ensure I could discuss him as authoritatively as possible.

The Jake Gyllenhaal fan accounts I follow on Twitter have somewhere between 2,000 and 20,000 followers.

But my tiny, lovely subscriber base — made up partly of friends, family members, and co-workers — included about a dozen Jake Gyllenhaal fans who wanted to correspond about Jake.

They sent me rumors about his dating exploits and his life in New York.

They corrected me if I messed up a filming schedule or a production history.

They’re just trying to be nice, but it does start to make you feel a little bit like a freak. If you listen to the beautiful love ballad from Stephen Sondheim's 1990 musical ! Another I wouldn’t have noticed these things if I hadn’t been paying an absurd amount of attention to Jake Gyllenhaal, reading Google Alerts and scrolling through hundreds of tweets each day. It was easy to extrapolate and decide that person would fail me if I looked at them too hard.