If you and your spouse aren’t able to reach an agreement, you’ll have a go to trial and leave the issues for a judge to decide.If you just aren’t able to give up on your new romance, there are some ways to soften the blow to your ex.A rebound relationship can be a bad idea for many reasons—including your divorce.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a partner wisely.

If possible, it's best to hold off on starting a new relationship until you’ve completed your divorce and given your children some time to get settled with this major transition.

Specifically, be discreet with your new relationship—don’t post pictures all over social media for your ex to see.

Also, be careful about inviting your new partner to events or places where you’re likely to run into your former spouse.

Others start dating right away, as a distraction or to combat feelings of loneliness.

And in some cases, an affair triggered the divorce.

For example, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict by keeping your new flame away from court hearings.

And finally, don't introduce your new partner to your children without talking to your ex first.

From a legal perspective, it's best to avoid a new relationship while your in the middle of a divorce.