Not something that works well announcing in a profile... I have fought it for 20 yrs, and has of yet come to grips with who I used to be and who I am now...

The only thing I was asked by men is that limited my ability to perform oral...

Land all might, is that all they can worry about???

I'm way past having kids, so for me, meeting a man with a genetic disability wouldn't be a problem, nor would a developed or accidental disability.

I think it very well may be different for younger women in their child-bearing years.

Some of the same guys that you don't respond to on here you would have talked with and gotten to know if you had met them in your home enviornment. I don't know how many guys on here that I have seen post about the majority read/delete without reponse. No This is supposed to be a dating site and I have never sent a perverted post to a woman in my life. I just wanted to say that alot of us men have a problem with the read/delete syndrome so you are not alone OP.

Bob I kind of figured that alot of men get read/deleted but I just wanted to find out if it had anything to do with being slightly physically different in my case. All the best to everyone Mike, there seems to be a lot more people than you realized with disabilities... That is a killer no matter what, it is one of those that I personally think gets explained on a date...

i was born with a club foot and a double cleft palate.

it's something that would honestly come up while considering having children.

I think that many of them start to hold men up to unfair criteria and don't respond because they don't pass the test of age or looks.