This would make me irate and I would scream louder. She told them she was feeling threatened and the police were there in an instant.

It was somewhat crazy – the police had no legal right to remove me from my marital home – yet they were obligated to answer the call.

Using their understanding of these concepts, chemical engineers re-organize and transform matter and energy to produce new substances and materials.

From the pharmaceuticals we take when we are sick, to the fuel we put in our vehicles, to the plastics, alloys and polymers that we find in our homes, in our phones and virtually everywhere around us, chemical engineers are involved, always keeping economic and environmental sustainability in mind.

I went through weeks of counselling in an effort to bring me back to a functioning member of society. What I haven’t been able to get past is her calling the police on me.

What I didn’t know was that calling the police during a divorce was “a thing”.

Unfortunately the depression overtook me and I couldn’t care for myself, let alone my kids. I was determined to show her that she didn’t have that kind of control over me.

I came as I pleased and I was certainly not going to let her control me anymore.

One day she came home from work and told me she wanted a divorce. She tried to get me out of the house – and I wouldn’t leave. I couldn’t help myself – when she would come home at night I would badger her to tell me who the boyfriend was. Everything was out of control and I was spiralling down.

I asked if there was someone else and she said no – she was just not in love with me anymore. I loved my wife and I didn’t want to lose my family and my kids.

Where you get your construction leads from matters.