Relationships that last a lifetime are indeed worth working hard at and believing God is in your working. Where we can find intimacy as well as confidentiality.

Relating to God, to your own unique self, to others, to your spouse..Jim Perdue Tonight, we continue our series in Psalm 119 as we think about what it means to live Life By The Book. the joy of the Lord is your strength.'' 2- Paul had strength for the journey .... a- A joy that could not be diminished by a..David Cawston We yearn for relationships where we can be completely honest, open and vulnerable. These intimate authentic relationships are exactly what God has in mind..Jerry Branch You know, as we read the Bible, regardless of whether it is the Old Testament or the New Testament, whenever we read about God's people getting in trouble or having problems, the root of the problem can almost always be traced to deeper Spiritual problem.

Remember, this psalm is centered on the perfect Word of God. And a Spiritual problem..Zach Terry Phil Waldrep is a distant cousin of mine and one of my favorites things is to hear him tell stories about our family. Tilly would say things sometimes that didn't quiet come out right.

That's why I've entitled this series, Life By The Book. For example: - One time she said - Phil you you preached at my friend Martha's..Jerry Watts Life is built on relationships.

I value our emotional connection, our friendship, our good times together.

In fact, being a good pastor, I can honestly say that I love all of you.

13 Now in a..Christopher Harbin Israel had been destroyed by the Assyrians upon deserting Yahweh as their God.

The people had been taken from their lands and mixed with other nations until they lost their identity.Open the service by having the congregation stand and read 1 Corinthians 13 aloud.Introduction: The Apostle Paul wrote these words in a letter to the church located in the ancient Greek city of Corinth.Our sermon ideas on Relationships will help you preach a powerful message.Relationships are central to our lives, whether it be our relationship with God, with our church, or with others.That’s a very powerful Bible story, but maybe not right for a wedding day. I like all of the rest of you just fine, but on the drive home, I want Lisa as my commuting partner. And I didn’t stop to think, until I began to work on my sermon, what this means about relationships. You might stumble onto a compatible wife if you read enough books and go to the right singles bar.