my guy told me this was the longest amount of time he'd ever spent with a girl (4 days.) b/c he seemed to be interested in a relationship, i tried "teaching" him how to be a better potential me more, take me out during the week, just not the weekend, be more attentive to me, etc.i've known this guy for years and he's been interested in me ever since the first day we met.

dating a loner guy-44

We can derive pleasure from such things just by watching others participating and having fun. Also, expecting to hear from us in the next couple of days may be a waste of your time. At the end of the day, if we're just sitting there with you, watching the sunset, we may just kiss you out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason other than to be romantic.

Social excursions take a lot out of us, and we'll require alone time to recharge. It's just our way of showing you that we had a great time with you, and that we were happy that we got to spend this time with you.

It's when we're at our happiest, and when we can truly relax and smile.

We won't answer your calls or texts for a while, but again, it's nothing wrong with you.

this gentle 'criticism/neediness' caused him to pull away and i respectively gave him his space.

(he stopped talking to me after the trip for a month....) i kept my cool and let him have his space.Or, if we're watching a movie together at home, we may tackle you out of nowhere and cuddle with you.It's just our way of showing how much you mean to us. If you can find a way to reserve yourself a special spot in our hearts, that is your spot, and your spot alone.Ladies, you're probably not generally attracted to the type of guy who secludes himself and sits in the darkest corner he can find.In fact, it's probably rare for "loner" and "dating" to even be used in the same sentence.Don't worry, we're not afraid to get romantic with you. We won't go running off with some other girl, or guy (if, by a long shot, we swing both ways).