) is something that cannot be explained or comprehended in words!Best of all was to see the Jawans of the Indian Army guarding their posts at that altitude, braving the miles and the chills! Hope the magic remains, for Kashmir too beautiful to be torn on political grounds! ” Shilpa from September 2015 batch : “Great team spirit while the weather was not really favorable.Abby is starting high school--it should be exciting, so why doesn't she care?

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The trek leader, the technical leader and other ground staff and including the ponymen were very nice with us.” Pushpam of September 2015 batch : “The trail, the people and the way it was organized. Me on cloud 9 right now.” Udit Ranjan of August 2015 batch : “The beauty of Kashmir, the journey through changing landscapes, the stay in the wilderness, the food, the Indiahikes team’s constant guidance, motivation and concern.

The amalgamation of all the above was fantastic.” Ganesh Alawani of August 2015 batch : “The Trek Leader & his team ( Guides, Kitchen staff & horsemen) were just outstanding – always ready to help & cheerup. Our group leader Mr Gurdit Singh was enthusiastic and very helpful.

Rs 2,300/- for a seven seater Innova, Xylo or Tavera Rs 3,500/- for a thirteen seater Tempo Traveler Ankur Saraf of September 2015 batch : “The trek was through awe-inspiring vistas – multi-coloured meadows, crystal clear waters, lichen rich rock strewn landscapes, mountains – dry, green and snow capped, flowers enough to fill the stretch of your eyes. In the relatively tougher stretches, we received sufficient halts. The food was surprisingly delicious, even at 13,000 ft .

This is to be shared by fellow trekkers and paid to the driver directly. Cost of transport from Naranag to Srinagar will be as follows.

One more thing to point out is I was the only girl in a batch of 6 trekkers, and I was never made to feel isolated or uncomfortable by either the trekkers or IH team. It is also good to see introduction of oxymeter test of trekkers every day which wasn’t there when I did Rupin Pass trek last year.” Avipsha Mitra of September 2015 batch : “1.

The food was really good and the local trek guides from kashmir were really nice and humble. They were very helpful and with us through out the trek. I also like the way India hikes helps you prepare for the trek in terms of things to carry, workouts etc. I like the whole idea of green trek and the bags provided in order to leave the trail cleaner than before. ” Vishwas PK of September 2015 batch : “The Snow storm which played spoilt sport turned out to be a wonderful adventure in disguise.Difficult terrain gives you the confidence to try, succeed and cherish. :-)” Khushboo Goradia of September 2015 batch : “The efforts put in by each member of Indiahikes and the supporting staff was incomparable. Made us feel comfortable and motivated us enough to keep moving.” Amit Roy of September 2015 batch : “The unadulterated beauty of the trek left us speechless.” Abhishek Ghosh of August 2015 batch : “in all aspect it was superb experience for me .” Anand Shetty of August 2015 batch : “The location of our camps, the trail and in general the pleasant weather was fantastic.The ground and support staff did an impressive job.Loved the extreme nature of the trek and the bitter cold coupled with winds at 60 kph, was truly spectacular.The bleak and stark landscape gave me a different perspective of Kashmir and the capricious nature of the weather in the mountains helped me gain more respect for the true power of nature.” Shubham Agarwal of September 2015 batch : “Views provided by the trek and the care taken by Indiahikes.” Sushant Sinha of September 2015 batch : “Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is indeed very beautiful.Description: The Body Shop Hot Date Lip Definer 0.03 oz Detailed Description: Lip Liner.