He was set to finish off Ryouta right there and then; until Ryouta, unexpectedly, gives him a kiss.

It took him off his guard for that moment; and since that moment, Kouichi was not the same.

Ryouta then realized that he was meaning that Junko was alive and was using this young man as her pawn; he also realized that Junko still had the Despair Anime that he made, which he figured that Junko would use that to turn everyone in the world that watches it into Remnants of Despair.

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As Kouichi touched his lips in remembering the second kiss, he heard a song that was playing.

No one told me I was going to find you Unexpected, what you did to my heart When I lost hope, you were there to remind me This is the start Then once it reached the chorus, the two of them started to sing.

It was almost their way of telling each other what they were feeling.

Ryouta decided to take a walk from Gelato Beach back to Delfino Plaza.

He knew that they were both on one crazy adventure that led them to each other.

Junko tried two attempts to get them to finally fulfill her goal of bringing Despair to the world.

Mostly because he was manipulated by Junko to attack, frame, stop, or kill Ryouta Mitarai in order for her plan to use the Despair Anime that he made and turn the world into her Remnants of Despair.

However, things started to change for him after Bianco Hills.

And after defeating a giant robot, Shadow Ryouta decided to reveal his true identity: A young man by the name of Kouichi Sakakibara.