Written opinions of appellate courts are reported, or published, in court reports.

Copies of opinions appear first as “slip opinions” which are copies of the original manuscript filed in the clerk’s office.

The federal Judiciary and the Government Printing Office partner through the GPO’s Federal Digital System, FDsys, to provide public access to more than 750,000 opinions, many dating back to 2004.

Opinions are released by the end of the September-June session.

On the day of release, they are available at approximately a.m. Opinions released since September 1995 are available on this site.

The official published opinions of the Iowa Supreme Court are those published in the North Western Reporter published by West Publishing Company.1999 - present.

This site will give you immediate access to opinions, in a PDF format, as they are rendered.

Opinions are pulled nightly from the courts’ Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) systems and sent to the GPO, where they are posted on the FDsys website.

Collections on FDsys are divided into appellate, district or bankruptcy court opinions and are text-searchable across courts.When finality is entered in a case, the final opinion will replace the rendered copy on the site.Finality and publication status will be shown on the first page of the opinion. Recent opinions are not final until any timely filed motions for rehearing are considered and disposed of by the court.These opinions are also subject to formal revision before publication in the Southern Reporter, 2nd Series.- 1998 - present."Unpublished" decisions are different than those for those designated as "published".