I'd highly recommend this service to anyone who is frustrated with the hassles of online dating.

From my matchmaker to the skilled writers, this is a very competent and professional operation.

Despite working crazy hours at work, I’ve dated more high-quality women utilizing this service than ever before.

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The writers sent witty, comical messages that fit my personality.

It's truly liberating to have a team of experts take care of all the details, allowing me to spend my free time on the part of dating that actually matters–the dates.

The VIDA team made my profiles shine – I was getting unsolicited messages, but even better they took over conversations all the way and all I had to do was show up at the dates and be myself. I am very busy and it's frustrating to wade thru countless profiles and messages looking for someone unique.

VIDA was able to take my interests and requirements for a date and filter those countless profiles down to a list of quality, interesting women.

I’m now exclusive with one of the women I met through VIDA. I had tried online dating, but it became really frustrating…

I would write to a woman I liked and would never hear back from her (that actually happened a lot).Prior to using VIDA, I was struggling with online dating and getting fed up.That’s when I decided I should give VIDA a try to help meet someone new.VIDA fully delivers exactly what they say they will. VIDA absolutely blew me away with their level of service.They connect you with dates and organize everything, including the date destination. Bottom line: you have no idea how much time you waste searching, emailing, winking, etc.I had remained single for 3 years because I wasn't sure how to present myself online. I told my matchmaker I was searching for something long-term and she was able to introduce me to the woman of my dreams within a month. I wasn’t getting any responses on dating sites and apps.