The wedding reception was a private affair not open to the media, with guests advised not to broadcast the event on Weibo and Facebook.

Ella and her groom had held a session with the media prior to the wedding dinner. " Ah-Ken and Nado Alvin Lai from Malaysia Barbie Hsu best man at Ella Chen’s wedding Chen Chia-Hwa Christine Fan Dylan Kuo Ella Chen's wedding photos Ella Chen's wedding video Fish Leung and hubby Tony Chiu Hebe Tien

Hebe Tien and Sodagreen frontman Wu Tsing-Fong (pinyin: Wú Qīngfēng) were the maid-in-honour and best man at the wedding, which was hosted by Ah-Ken and Nado.

Yesterday, thebouquet of flowers that fans sent,on the card, it was addressed to"Zun Hua couple" (Ella name is Chen Jia Hua), and in addition, they weregiven a photoshopped picture of the both of them kissing.

When Wu Zunlooked at it, he laughed and said, "The background is also in Brunei!

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31-year-old Taiwanese pop singer Ella Chen Chia-Hwa (陳嘉樺), a member of the girl group S. E., tied the knot yesterday at Le Méridien Taipei with her 36-year-old sweetheart Alvin Lai (賴斯翔 a.k.a 尔文赖) from Malaysia in a star-studded ceremony. Among the showbiz celebrities who showed up are Matilda Tao and actor husband Li Liren, Barbie Hsu, Fish Leung and hubby Tony Chiu, Yoga Lin, Dylan Kuo, JJ Lin, Valen Hsu, Christine Fan and of course, Ella’s best friends and fellow S. Besides being a singer, Chen has starred in popular dramas including “The Rose,” and has hosted several variety shows.

Previouslybeing reported in a gossip magazine pertaining to Chun's closerelationship with a male assitant, Ella stood up for Chun and refuted,"This is too outrageous, baseless rumour! x D (granny & gramps) if "outsiders" read these posts they wouldn't get it..

" She said that as long as youknow Chun, you will know that he likes girls. v=t1S1Florri Ycredits to 7114050053 and chagushu @youtube for the clips postededit : another latest news clip regarding the news . v=D8n AYb5h2d4if fahrenheit actually saw these post i bet they would be so freaked out lol well the part that aaron is already married to 3 people lol but it would be really cool if them actually weent to this forum LOL, x D hahha they'd be all lyk WTF? u hav to be a active user to get thsi type of stuff.. They'll be freak out if they had a glance at this forum.

"After careful comparison, she said, "This is obviously during Hebe'sbirthday, the picture which i kissed her mah! I just hope the new members will be active so thet'll understand what's happening in this forum.

" causing the both of themto be unsure of whether they should laugh or cry.

Fans teamed up and present gift, Ella Wu Zun forced by photoshop to play kissing games Ellaand Wu Zun has become the best on screen partner, collaborated again toendorse a sports drink together.