Also, most guys don’t splurge a little and get the most expensive, fancy electric razor, but instead opt for the mid-range and accept that they might get razor burn from time to time.Now is your chance to splurge for him, on something he normally wouldn’t for himself. Along with getting him the really nice razor, pick out cologne that you like, and surprise him with a beautiful new bottle of cologne. This one is always available last minute, but instead of getting him one gift card for just one place, mix it up, and get him 5-10 different gift cards to different places.

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[Read: 13 creative dinner date ideas] #3 Make an unfinished photo album for you two to fill.

Making a photo album is a really cute, romantic and personal gift to give your man for Christmas.

The good news is, that the last minute ideas below are excellent choices, and also ones that don’t look like last minute ideas! This is such an easy gift that also has a lot of meaning behind it.

If you have a special man in your life, it’s important to make him know just how special he is.

Gifts for beer-lovers, travelers, sports fans and grill masters are just some of the Christmas gift ideas for men you'll find below.

Christmas is a time when we curl up on the couch with our loved ones, sit by a fireplace, drink eggnog, eat a lot, and of course, open all those gifts perfectly wrapped sitting under the tree.

Also, having the note on the back as a little reminder gives it that extra little something needed for the personal touch. If you usually cook things for dinner like pasta or you order pizza, then this is a great gift that is also very easy to give your man.

Surprise him by cooking him a 3-5 course meal: appetizers, salad, meal, dessert.

Save yourself the stress trying to figure out what to give your man, and instead use any of these 8 last minute ideas!