[email protected] mission is to promote appreciation of Bengali culture and heritage through cultural, social and recreational programs, to publish and circulate general and cultural news, to open Bengali language classes or schools for children and non-Bengalis, to establish contacts/affiliations with organizations with similar vision and aims in North America and abroad, to undertake other activities pertaining to the objectives of the Association.Filipino American Association of Central New Jersey, Inc P.The purpose for which the New Jersey Chinese Community Center is organized to promote Chinese culture in America, to stimulate interaction between Chinese and American Culture, and to acquire, organize, provide, construct, develop, lease, own, operate, and maintain facilities, services and programs, in order to encourage an appreciation and knowledge of Chinese language, customs and culture, to acquire, buy, own, sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise manage real property suitable for carrying out the above stated purpose, to provide and supply any and all appurtenances or goods and supplies which may be necessary, helpful, useful, or convenient for the carrying on of the said programs, services, or facilities, to promote, arrange, sponsor, or offer any and all kinds of programs and services which will further understanding and appreciation of Chinese language, customs and culture. New Jersey Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce (NJCACC) is a non-profit and non-political organization dedicated to promoting business between members, helping Chinese-American businesses and professionals enter mainstream American economy, facilitating US-China trade.

With a strong emphasis on community outreach, the AWCA continually provides much needed behavioral health, social welfare, health awareness, educational and senior services for Asian Americans.

Bangladeshi American Youth Association 236 Union Ave Paterson, NJ 07502 Their mission is to help Bangladeshi American communities to cultivate a youth of quality that is dedicated to the principals of leadership, social responsibility, educational attainment, service and scholarship.

The Indo American Seniors Organization of New Jersey (IASO of NJ) was formed in the year 2003.

Not only they provide information for health, immigration, citizenship, social welfare, but they also organize social activities, cultural programs, temple visits, foreign and local tours.

The purpose was to establish an organization of people with Indian heritage, residing in communities of Central New Jersey to unify individuals and families of South Asian ethnic background.

Indo-American Pharmaceutical Society is a regional pharmacy association representing the professional and proprietary interests of independent retail pharmacists, independent pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, hospital pharmacists and pharmacy students, all with common ethnic background of India.

AARA represents Convenience Stores, Gas Stations and Liquor Stores in the Tri-State area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The main objective of AARA is to protect retailers while delivering stronger and more profitable future for their business.

For nearly two decades, the Indian Business Association (IBA) has served the New Jersey Indo-American community.