Taking myself as an example, I have lots of foreign friends, it’s natural for to hug when we meet.

During this spring break, I went to Mexico city and stay with my friend's family.

Hi Marcin, it is not because we are afraid of hugs and cheek kisses, it's only because we have different culture and tradition.

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I followed their manner and feel completely part of them during my stay. “Do as Chinese do." :) Enjoy our culture and hope you gain more insights.

A kiss is just a kiss— except in China and Chnlove! Nor do they shake hands socially to say hello or goodbye, but rather nod their heads and smile.

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Very small, quick affectionate pecks are safest publicly and never pull her head towards yours.

It’s wise and respectful to save any deep passionate kissing for when you are alone together.

There is every chance that your gorgeous Chinese woman will love to kiss you and be kissed passionately but never in public.

Affection and intimacy including kissing, in Chinese culture is primarily reserved for the sanctity of marriage.

It’s best to understand that the cultural pressure on Chinese women to not show any public affection, especially kissing is immense often with heavy consequences for breaking traditional protocol. Chinese women are also generally reserved and shy in nature when dating.

It often takes a great deal of patience and empathy when starting a relationship with your lovely Chinese lady.

So even today, it is still not common to hug friends in China unless you are really close.