She pursued a recent 1.5 previous visit to the ER at which I was quite ill. “No” I have wine on occasion with my husband or a drink when we go out.

I am a 29 yr old married mother of 2 wonderful daughters *10 and 2).

while i was pregnant with my youngest my husband and I moved back in with my parents so i could assist my father who has ppms.

After losing my wonderful PCP for over 11 years I had to choose another Primary care Provider (DR). Upon her entering the room she did the once over from feet to head, one notices when there is no eye contact.

I was to go and establish care, continue with my treatment opiate therapy goals and contract. I never knew that is what is was because I do not dumpster dive into strong liquor. I do not digest the same for I have IBS and 4 feet short of my intestines from a near fatal emergency surgery 8 years ago.

The final call stating after my drug count she was so afraid and scared for me that she could not continue me on my opiate plan.

She called me three times within four days of seeing her. The OFT have focused on the following aspects of contracts for gym membership: In addition, the OFT felt that many of the obligations and requirements of the consumer were hidden within complex legal language when they should have been more plainly and clearly expressed.And while gyms could be allowed to impose an initial 12 month minimum term, consumers should be in no doubt on reading the contract that this would be the case. A three month period is commonly the length of time required, which may seem unfair as it then ties you into a further 3 monthly payments.The OFT recognise that gyms also need to protect themselves from sudden cancellation and don’t consider 3 months to be excessive where you have a ‘rolling’ membership (i.e. However, as with the imposition of a minimum term, this must be plainly and clearly expressed in the contract.So what is an unfair term and what just bad customer service?My goal for this blog is that it become a helpful resource for other MS Caregivers.