I know it's a lot easier to brush these things under the table, but there's no longer room under the table for your baggage.

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In other words, the full moon is when we're able to really make sh*t happen.

When it's over, we proceed into the waning moon phase until we reach a new moon, where all our concerns are wiped clean so we can start anew. This Virgo full moon will be absorbing its glow from the Sun in Pisces, making for a combination that will revitalize us from inside-out.

Spend an extra hour cooking a healthy dinner for yourself from scratch.

Wake up 15 minutes early in the morning so you can practice some yoga before work.

This is why the Virgo full moon will force us to sort through our inner-most feelings and undergo important changes in our lives that will eventually make us happier individuals.

Everything that's not working for you in life will feel especially obvious to you during the Virgo full moon.Virgo is a meticulous earth sign, concerned with details, organization, and planning.Pisces, on the other hand, is a water sign that allows our emotions to pool on the surface, where we can really feel on them.You'll want to surround yourself with developed minds (people who are as amped up to make a difference as you are), and you might just join forces on an even bigger project.Regardless, there's no reason to keep your thoughts to yourself.Within the realm of astrology, the lunar cycle is an important surge and decline of our vitality, pushing us to work hard and then allowing us necessary time for rest.