Debuted through the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Bernice Liu steps into her 11th year in the industry.

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Through real estate agent, Lau Chung, he finds a shared apartment with a weird tenant, Man, a desperate artist undergoing a love failure.

Man has a deep hatred of men after a devastating break up, in order to get along with Man under the same roof, Kit pretends to be a gay guy.

Starring: Louis Koo, Yue Wu, Tony Jaa, Chris Collins, Ka Tung Lam, Michelle Saram, Ken Lo, Stephy Tang, Hanna Chan Director: Wilson Yip IMDb Info » Read the full post Action | Crime | Romance Plainclothes policemen Brian and Mike use an elderly woman's apartment for surveillance, hoping to catch a fugitive gangster.

They develop a warm relationship with their hostess, whom they call "granny." Meanwhile, each man develops a romantic relationship: Brian with a strange wandering teenage girl, and Mike with a pregnant woman at the dry cleaning shop.

However, the most annoying rumor was that she dumped Moses for young businessman Alastair Lam last year.

Because of her waist injury, she was faced with a major surgery and had no mood to handle all the rumors.

When the Bernice and Moses breakup was mentioned in the interview, Bernice was very surprised: "I was really disturbed at the time.

Since 2005, the rumors with Moses started, and since then the dating and breakup rumors came continuously.

When the gangster returns to his flat, Brian and Mike are forced into an explosive confrontation.

Starring: Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Matt Chow, Yiu-Cheung Lai, Lan Law, Mei Ching Lim, Michelle Saram Director: Wilson Yip IMDb Info » Read the full post Comedy | Family An alien lifeform from a faraway planet has been residing on Earth for thousands of years.

His plans get derailed upon his arrival on Earth when a family in Hong Kong takes him in as their pet.