On the late drydown I also get patchouli and a bit of incense.

But the great thing about this fragrance is that the orange note lasts throughout the whole time, which is pretty fantastic for a citrus fragrance - though personally, due to the pervasiveness of the neroli note, I would say this is more of a neroli fragrance than an orange citrus one, akin to Ferrari's Bright Neroli but more bitter and aquatic with saltwater and seaweed.

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Sillage is strong while longevity is also strong, at over 8 hours. I liked this fragrance before I even knew of Youtube reviewers hyping it up.

The longevity far exceeds the regular Bvlgari Aqva (which lasts about 4-5 hours on my skin) and is one of the strongest for a citrus based cologne, period. Bought it after it made multiple Youtuber’s #1 spot on their summer lists (@Jeremy).

While it does last long and project well, the mixture of the sour and bitter orange mixed with "sea" vibes is a bit off putting.

It also, for some reason, smells very different on skin than on clothes.

The paper strips however were soaking in my jacket. I gave my best but could not recollect what it was. People go crazy about Kouros but some call it cat piss. However, this one - titled Aqva Amara meaning 'bitter water' in Italian - is fantastic as well, but unfortunately discontinued by Bvlgari apparently.

I tried recollecting what I liked or what to pass in the night. But man it smelled so bright and mettalic, may be after around 7 hours in the night that day. By the time I recollected, was already on my way back home. Enjoy your fragrant journey, at the same time respect others. It opens with a bitter dry salty mandarin note with a heavy note of saltwater as in the original Bvlgari Aqva.A saleswoman with her beautiful German accent asked me to try this new fragrance from the house of Bulgari when I was roaming in My Zeil shopping mall. I find it entertaining that right around the time a certain Youtuber started hyping this fragrance, it begun getting good reviews on this site. Think for yourselves people, this stuff is strong, but the scent is sub-par and off putting. At first I had sprayed it on my little dauther's forearm and she liked it, my whole family members like it too much.The crispy tangy opening caught my attention and I guess that is something which could displease some people. I found it acquatic, fresh, citrusy, floral and bit harsh and linear.It’s not a bad scent at all but I can’t stop thinking that it smells like chemicals I’d use to clean my toilet. This one isn't a typical aquatic, the mandarin and neroli puts a decent twist. In my opinion It's not unisex AT ALL and it doesn't have any similarity with dior sauvage or terre d'hermes.Just not something I could see myself wearing around other people, besides maybe at the beach... In short words it's pleasing, exotic, much bright in drydown and vivacious It was on my hate list for a long time. Scent:8/10 Performance:9/10 Spoke to the bvlgari representative today asking why it isn't selling on their website .. Amaras scent and performance is top notch for the warmer weather.The neroli note in this is bitter and slightly green in character (in fact I think I detect petitgrain as well - the leaves/twigs of an orange tree). 9's Eau de New York (my favourite neroli fragrance ever) but is far more bitter and salty and not as sweet (though Eau de New York isn't sweet to begin with except for the late drydown with indolic white flowers).