She writes, "I overheard the French American say to the Indian 'so I study the language of your ancestors- Sanskrit here at Harvard'.

I have learned quite a lot about his culture and so has he.

We openly discuss everything related to each other's traditions and I love every moment of it," she answers.

An Indian man decided to go on Quora to ask the existential question that has baffled philosophers through centuries. "If any of you care to look at my social media pages you'll notice it's primarily Indian guys.

"Why do Americans girls disconnect the chat immediately if I tell them that I'm an Indian?

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be around people who have similar beliefs and values and who can relate to the experiences you’ve been through and lifestyle you live.

In terms of dating, these commonalities can be important.

isn’t a Native American niche dating site, but it’s still the number one option in our minds because of its unbeatable size and success rate.

The site has more than 30 million members and counting (thanks to its 13.5 million monthly visitors) and has led to more first dates, second dates, relationships, and marriages than any of its competitors.

Guys, my girlfriends tell me to make sure my Indian friends can't see them.

It takes every ounce of love I can muster up to help these naive guys realize the errors in their thinking. I've heard, seen, and read things that would make Sunny Leone blush with embarrassment.

You'll never realize your error if no one is willing to patiently teach you. Overtime I see their English improve, their mind open and their intelligence about culture expand.