Where possible I try and seek out original versions of Enid Blyton's book to read to my children but have read a few "updated" versions to them, eg, The Enchanted Wood series and Mr Galliano's Circus.The name changes in The Enchanted Wood annoyed me but mainly because I was used to the old names.'Come to the Circus' in particular was an excellent book and it is sad that it is no longer available. I guess I would rather have an updated edition to read, instead of them completely disappearing.

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The prize for the worst updating I have seen though would have to go the Caravan Family books which made references to the children watching television!

I have never read the originals of these but I highly doubt they would have even had electricity in their caravans back then, let alone television!!!

Viv On the other hand, having read the first Mr Galliano book in a modernised version, I was a bit shocked when I re-read an older version which had Mr Galliano smoking a cigar at every opportunity and featured dogs with names like Nigger and Darky.

Sadly, as you can see from our Cave of Books, none of the various Circus books has been published at all in the UK for over twenty years now.

), this change to the plot just made the whole story not make sense, ie, why would everyone be so terrified of a scolding?

Also I don't think my children would have been particularly traumatised by the original.

Surely the worst updating has to be books with Blyton's name emblazened across the cover and spine but written 40 years after she died!