However, it is vital that we study the Scriptures and align our lives with the truth. Veith, an international speaker who has studied Biblical issues in-depth in his quest for truth.

His popular series Genesis Conflict brings the debate between Creation and evolution to a new climax as he dissects the arguments with a scientific eye.

The Bible tells us that delusion and deception play a major role at the end of time: With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image (Revelation NIV).

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No Roman doctrine had to be altered, but instead Protestants were led away from doctrinal issues and introduced to experiential religion.

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Slowly these beliefs began to infiltrate the Protestant churches and to poison the faith of Christians.

While Protestants remained vigilant about Catholicism in America, even resisting the Pope’s visit to America during Ronald Reagan’s term of office as President, they were not as vigilant to the quiet infiltration of false doctrine into their ranks. The answer, when we are truly honest with ourselves, is that Protestants stopped reading their Bibles, and got complacent.

The celebration of Eucharist and other ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church, in particular a ceremony similar to the Lord’s supper in which the bread is said to turn into Jesus Christ’s actual body.

The belief that everything must fit into a logical and rational framework.Higher criticism involves removing religious meaning from the Scriptures in order to focus on finding the correct authors and origins of a text.At times, higher criticism contradicts Scripture, while in other instances it in fact agrees.His highly-acclaimed series Total Onslaught sheds light on the state of the world today as we move to a one-world government and an anticipated apocalypse.The contents of this article and website are not intended to accuse individuals.In fact, Pentecostalism is strengthening Catholicism's pillars.