To coincide with the ‘teachers’ theme of my most recent enewsletter I thought it apropos to write a post regarding accommodations for students with mental health issues in a post secondary setting.Creating accommodations help students who have mental illness reach their academic potential.NOTE: The information contained in these pages is for educational purposes only, and is not legal advice.

His behavior began to alienate his friends, and his roommate requested to move out.

He met with his doctor, who adjusted his medication and verified Eric's need for temporary access to a private room in campus housing.

Barriers to managing the return to work process and re-integration into a productive workforce often arise.

From a legal perspective, there are obligations under the common law; collective agreements (if applicable), human rights, occupational health and safety, and (potentially) workers' compensation principles should be considered.

Employers can face many challenges when dealing with employees who are struggling with a mental health issue.

Illness and disability affecting employees can cause staffing/absenteeism challenges and morale problems with other employees.The physician indicated that this would be necessary until his medication stabilized the symptoms of his mental illness and he could better self-manage his condition.Eric obtained updated documentation from his psychiatrist regarding his disability and gave a copy to the disabled student services director.Eric is a sophomore with a psychiatric disability who lives in campus housing. He experienced an increase in his disability-related symptoms during winter term.It was expected that Eric's increase in symptoms would continue until his medication was adjusted and took effect.Two people with the same condition may not need the need the same classroom strategies.