After youv virus scanned,you could run the file checker. I looked at the program @ recommended here, it sounds great but I did n't run it because of the OS corruption errors. the driver (Disk management, right click on the CD/DVD drive,open Properties, click on the Hardware tab, click the properties command button, click on the driver tab, and uninstall the driver. I then ran SFC and got this error: "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. I tried the CD ROM reg edit fix but I still can't access the drive.Or are there any other solutions to this problem (such as connecting to the driver as a service and then accessing this service from the user program)?

access denied updating drivers windows 7-41access denied updating drivers windows 7-18

If I run as a local user, or as an administrator (or 'Run As' administrator) I can open the driver fine, but as a domain user From this reference: I discovered that domain users did not have access I thought that simply adding them to this SDDL entry would give them access, but it doesn't seem to work: I still get access denied.

I've even tried extreme solutions such as giving all users (everyone (WD), unauthenticated users etc.) full access, but this doesn't work either, which makes me think the problem lies elsewhere; i.e.

My laptop is Win 7 Home Premium, could I patch anything temporarily from that to gain access to the external drives so I can do the repair? I found a couple of web posts that "said" their solutions would fix the access denied errors by correcting the permissions, but of course, they did not work either. I was following a web post that had screen shots of what it was supposed to look mine didn't match theirs and I didn't want to do a full re-install just yet! Have you run any diagnostics on the hardrive to make sure thats ok?

I ran the program, but it messed up my services and I wasn't able to go online as it had removed my network adapter and turned off needed services.

I can't use the ISO on my thumb drive because I have the same issue on those drives as well. do not list any permissions and the system cannot access them,my system won't allow me to change the permissions either, even with elevated command prompt, etc. Can I manually enter the needed keys to re-establish access to the CD Rom or thumb drive so I can try the in place upgrade repair?

SFC /scannow said it couldn't fix this and I need to figure something out.

I have the dreaded "access denied error in Win 7 Pro and cannot access my cd rom or thumbdrive to use my ISO image to repair my operating system.

I found a registry fix that might address my issue but it seems my registry is missing the keys the fix describes I don't have a "Control" or "Class or {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 entry under Current Control Set for my user or default user under HKU.

But from there things got a bit strange: Windows gave the drive’s NTFS partition a drive letter and knew how much space on it was used and free, but when I tried to access the drive’s data via an application or Windows Explorer, I got the error: “[My disk label] is not accessible.

Access denied.” I started poking around with ownership and permissions, but this resulted in odd “you are not the owner” errors, or even worse: messages that claimed that Windows could not determine the owner of the device.

I had not tried to access it using Windows 7 before, and when I did, I thought things were okay initially: Windows gave the typical “installing drivers …