If you are interested in using the Working Lounge please RSVP to reserve a space.Smart and sustainable buildings are not just about energy efficiency, connected control systems and enhanced security.

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Our workshop will give urbanists tools to understand how people actually interact with new policies, services and technologies.

Over 90-minutes Smart Cities NY participants will have a hands-on opportunity to use our methods to directly address a real-world urban challenge applying insights drawn from the science of decision-making.

The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) devises new ways to make services work better for citizens.

At the heart of our work is a simple insight: policy and services must, wherever possible, go with the grain of human behavior.

But what people do in our cities is often left out of this process.

Much of the data collected is unreliable, inaccessible, or only available to those who pay.

To address this challenge, Philadelphia set a goal to develop a comprehensive Smart City strategy.

Ellen Hwang, Program Manager for Innovation Management, gathered a cross-departmental team to achieve this goal. Commercial Service programs to help Smart City exporters connect with buyers around the world. Whether it’s smart, green or safe mobility, The Netherlands is home to many hotbeds of innovation and expertise ranging from car sharing, Maa S solutions, EV vehicles, autonomous driving living labs, smart traffic control systems and smart signs.

In 2016, Philadelphia’s Chief Information Officer wanted to find a way to better leverage underutilized city assets.